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-Non lethal weapon.
-Fires metal prongs from medium range and penetrates the skin.
-They good to personal protection at a distance. As far away as fifteen feet.
-Have a powerful electrical current and can disable an attacker for up 30. seconds, which is longer than a stun gun.
-Normally must be worn on a holster.
-Need a small amount of practice.

-Non lethal weapon.
-Uses electrodes to deliver shocks needs direct contact.
-Most of them have rechargeable batteries.Considerably durable and will last you a long time.
-Small sizes and lightweight, easy to carry in a pocket,purse or as a keychain.
-Extremely easy to use from the beginning.

TASER - Frequently asked questions- TASER FAQS
TASER - on line shopping

-What is a Taser?  Taser info and facts.
-Taser or Stun gun  Which one is it the best for me?
-How do Taser work? Do they need direct contact?

 -Recomendations and reviews

Check our products for further description and features!

What is a TASER BOLT? -Looking for an economic Taser or introductory Taser? Go for the TASER BOLT (redesigned C2) or the TASER PULSE. They both are the best introductory taser. Taser Bolt is light weight, compact and easily fits in a pocket or use it as contact stun is the perfect self defense non lethal weapon for a women self security.
What is a TASER PULSE?

What is a TASER X26P?-We stand by the TASER X26P (3.2”)- Professional series-Taser X26P offers the highest take down power available. 

What is a TASER X2?-Do you want something smart? TASER X2 is your option. It has IPX weather-proofing for rain and humidity. Operating/Storing temperature range: –4 °F [–20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]. Immediate back up shot, there is no need to re-load.



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-Are TASER legal?
TASER: Restrictions and Law.
Find all about restrictions and Law in our page - bestsecuritybuy.com
-There are several states where civilian are not allowed to possess a Taser or stun gun(Hawaii, New York, New Jersey,Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, wisconsin and Illinois)
Cities where are restricted :District of Columbia, chicago, Dension, crawford county IA
-Some states the use and possession is limited, a permit or a CCW license is required. 

Just Remember to check your local law before you buy a Taser or Stun gun.

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