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Pepper Spray


Probably if you want to buy OC spray, you might have questions: Best tips for OC spray

If you are looking for the best tips in pepper spray devices, we will see here what    really matters.It is well said pepper sprays are the most inexpensive and available non lethal defensive device on the market.If you want to buy pepper spray it is important to understand how to use it before you may need it


Stream Spray Type


Cone Spray Type


Gel SprayType


Fogger Spray Type

Good performance in the wind but you need to focus more on you target. Stream pattern fire 8 to 12 feet.

Wind can reduce effectiveness and it may affect yourself.  Good category for a moving target. Cone pattern can reach 8 feet distance. Good for a simple and fast shot and it can reach 12 feet distance. It is not affected by wind and agood aim is required It can reach 20 feet distance however distance can reduce its effect. It is a good option for multiple attackers.

What is the range for a OC spray? Something to consider is the location you expect to use the spray. is it indoor use or outdoor use?
How hot is pepper spray? how does pepper spray affect skin?
Number of shots
One shot is equal to an one second spray.
Is it nice and portable to carry in your purse? would you like to carry your pepper spray in a holster? or It does´t matter, you want a self defense device big enough to protect your store, home, car…
Spray pattern type
Common categories are very important and decisive to buy pepper spray and relate to the 4 characteristics described above.

Invest in personal self defense and buy the best pepper spray for personal protection.

Always check how to use a pepper spray. Few tips will always help you!
Be safe & Be protected
Pepper spray Law- State Restrictions.Check here pepper spray law and restrictions.


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What is pepper spray ? - What does it do?

About pepper spray:
Commonly known as pepper spray, and well known as a Oleoresin Capsicum, OC spray.
Pepper Spray is one of the most easily carried non-lethal self defense products for civilian personal self defense. If you are searching for the best pepper spray sell on line you have came to the right place.
It is classified as an inflammatory agent and designed to target the eyes to immobilized an attack. Pepper spray is commonly used by civilian self defense or as a law enforcement tool.
The only way to mitigate the spray´s effect is a direct stream of water to the eyes to flush the chemical out. And depending on the chemical concentration - the average effect lasts 30 minutes.

 First time buyer.  Personal Self defense safety tips

How to use a defense spray?
It is enminently easy to use pepper spray, however you should practice and have in mind how to use a pepper spray in an emergency.
What are the best tips for pepper spray?. Learn the basic and the best tips of how to use a OC spray:
- First you have to make sure the pepper spray is available on your hand, in case you need it, it will be easy to bear on the attacker fast and on the target: the eyes.
- Become familiar with your safety device. Practice the movement, practice how you can under an emergency.
- The moment you spray your target take a step back so that your knees are bent and your feet are more than shoulder width apart. Create space because the attacker may try to push you or grab you while you draw the spray. The objective is to surprise him or her before they can have a chance to react or think.
- Raise your shooting hand with the pepper spray to eye level, aim over your outstretched arm and hand, and fire toward the attacker´s face and eye area.
- Be aware and protect yourself from any spray that may come to your way. This a very important thing to keep in mind to be always prepared for this risk, since it scatters and can be affected by wind.
- After you use the OC spray, run away to protect yourself.

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